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The Team.

The Colorado Avalanche is a NHL team based out of Denver, founded in 1972. Starting out in Quebec, the team has come a long way from their first skate as the "Avs”. With two Stanley Cups under their belts, the team continues to put up impressive stats.

The Profile.

While the players are the main priority of the team, health trainers and maintenance employees keep the team running smoothly and healthy. They have an active presence on the ice, which is dangerous if the improper shoes are worn. Even coaches and assistant coaches walk on the ice during practice which can become a huge health hazard.

The Project.

Design a shoe tread for trainers and team employees to wear on and off the ice using the knowledge and science behind tire treads at Bridgestone Americas.


I gathered pictures and information on their team logo, and current and past team jerseys to help create a team brand analysis of the Colorado Avalanche.


I gathered images and studied the tread patterns of hiking, running shoes, snow shoes, and different types of boots as well. Based on reviews and ratings as well as appearance, I selected the four shoes that had good void design and performance.


Using my knowledge that I learned at Bridgestone Americas, I studied highly rated snow season tires on I studied their voids and siping patterns to help determine the most visually successful, as well as in their performance.


Project currently in progress

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